Guadalcanal Requiem (still) by Nam June Paik, 1977/1979

A Kiowa Indian warrior stands over a fallen U.S. Army soldier with two arrows in his side, a brigade of infantrymen in gray and blue army uniforms in the background. Circa 1880.

Storyboard for Man Hunt Wiard B. Ihnen, 1941

It's a Crime Wolf Koenig, 1957

Instant French David Bairstow, 1965

Instant French David Bairstow, 1965

Faber Futures Natsai Audrey Chieza, 2017

Green Apple

Unknown illustrator from Morgenbladet, 2017

Italien carpet, 1980s

Der Aufstieg Walter Ruttmann, 1923

Cinechamber People Like Us, 2017

The Frozen North 1922, Buster Keaton

Hudson River

Adam Curtis

Unicolour installation view, 2015 Carsten Nicolai

Robert Breer

Eric Schmidt, Alphabet Inc.


Now you're never lonely, because your friends are always reachable

Heavy Load Lukas Franciszkiewicz 2016