Keaton and Chaplin in Limelight, 1952

Happy bricks, Japan

Imre Kepes The big bad wolves

Paul Musgrave


Person 1:
welcome home. Did you have a good day looking at screens at work?

Person 2:
yes, my screens were good. How were your screens?

Person 1:
they were less good, so I'd like to watch something on the big screen in our house.

Person 2:
okay, but I might use my small screen while we watch.

Battle of Orgreave, UK miners' strike 1984-85

Vroom by Pierre Charpin, 1997

Screamin' Jay Hawkins in Jim Jarmusch's Mystery Train 1989

Big Bill Broonzy with Studs Terkel
Live at WFMT Studios, Chicago, IL
July 22, 1953


01 Cryin’ Joe Turner
02 Plowhand Blues
03 CC Rider Blues
04 Makin’ My Get Away
05 Stand Your Test and Judgement
06 Willie Mae
07 The Little Crawfish
08 Goin’ Down the Road Feelin’ Bad
09 John Henry
10 Glory of Love Outro

Niclas Hoflin Hunter Desk table lamp.


Svend Aage Skougaard Larsen from Køge as a boy.

Herbert Ponting lecture on Japan 16th of October, 1911 on the Terra Nova Expedition of 1910-13.

Apsley Cherry-Garrard from The Worst Journey in the World, 1922.
A memoir of the Terra Nova Expedition of 1910-13.


The mind of a horse is a very limited concern, relying almost entirely upon memory. He rivals our politicians in that he has little real intellect. Consequently, when the pony was faced with conditions different from those to which he was accustomed, he showed but little adaptability.

Cristina Daura, 2017

Patrice Lumumba, Bruxelles 1960

Screamin' Jay Hawkins by Karl Wirsum, 1968

Art Blakey by Francis Wolff, 1960

On the set of The Other Side of the Wind

Malvina Reynolds

Federal Theatre Project's Voodoo Macbeth 1936