Mary Osborne, June Rotenberg and Beryl Booker in New York, October 8, 1946

Alan Dawson and Toshiko Akiyoshi

A “Dacha” for Everyone? Community Gardens and Food Security in Russia


Trump and Macron, The White House in 2018

Tamizi Naito, Boris Pasternak, Sergei Eisenstein, Olga Tretyakova, Lilya Brik, Arseny Voznesensky, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Arseny Voznesensky and ? 11 May 1924.

Sonia Mordojovich and Stafford Beer.

CIA reading room


Pete Johnson, Café Society, New York, June 1946.

Bedouin Bags Ltd.

Count Basie at the piano.

Big Bill Broonzy and Muddy Waters in Chicago, late 1940s or early 1950s. Yannick and Margo Bruynoghe Collection.

Jacque-Jacques Livarot


An old man stands naked in front of a mirror, eating soup. He is a fool.

Michiko Kanba (樺 美智子) 1937–1960

Ryokichi Minobe (美濃部 亮吉). Governor of Tokyo 1967–1979. ©石井正彦

Kant in Lecture on Ethics (1779)


But so far as animals are concerned, we have no direct duties. Animals ... are there merely as means to an end. That end is man.

Raymond Depardon Glasgow 1980

Martha Beall Mitchell and John Mitchell in 1971.

Franco Berardi


Capitalism is a corpse, and we are trapped in it: in this trap everything is rotting: invention, progress, friendship, and love. They told us that there is no alternative to capitalism: in this case we must prepare for war, for environmental apocalypse, and for the extinction of the human race, which gets more probable every day. But the truth is that the alternative does exist: it is based on getting free from an obsession with economic growth, on the redistribution of the resources, on the reduction of labor time, and on the expansion of time dedicated to the free activity of teaching, research, therapy.

Super Black Blues ABC Records 1969 T-Bone Walker, Joe Turner and Otis Spann.

Douglas Kenney


These last few days are among the happiest I've ever ignored.